Tri County Golfer Brody Dalzell Drives forward in His 2nd Year

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Tri County Sophomore Brody Dalzell’s hard work on his golf game over the summer has earned the three-sport athlete better play this season and the respect of his peers.
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November, 2018
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Growing up in a household in Wrentham where his father played golf on a regular basis Brody Dalzell finally decided to give the sport a try. Already playing hockey as a forward and lacrosse as an attackmen, Dalzell didn’t know what to expect from golf, but once he tried it he found that he was hooked.
“My dad was a golfer, so I decided to go out with him one day to see what it was all about,” the Tri County sophomore said. “I was not very good at all, but once I hit a shot, it was very satisfying, and I wanted to continue the sport and chase satisfaction.”
Dalzell began playing golf at 4 Kicks in Norfolk, but soon found out that the smaller course was not giving him the full feeling so he began playing at the Bungay Brook golf course in Bellingham. Not too long later, he decided to give the sport a try on the high school level as an incoming freshman.
“I was enjoying the sport, so I figured I’d give it a try in high school,” he said. “During tryouts, I found myself very nervous, but I knew that I could make the team despite only playing for two years.”
While he was full of confidence during tryouts, playing in his first match on the Tri County varsity team was the total opposite. Dalzell was a total wreck, and as he sat on the bus top, he was not only very quiet, but he was also nervous and trying to focus. Unfortunately, the then freshman couldn’t come to grips with his nervousness and didn’t play particularly well that afternoon.
It would be another two or three matches before Dalzell settled down and found himself in the Cougar lineup.
“Brody was eventually our number six golfer last year during his freshman year,” Tri County Coach Ryan Hippert said. “He was shooting in the high 40’s last fall and is averaging 43-44 so far this season while moving up to one of our better golfers.”
In order to make the jump up to the top of the team’s depth chart, the Tri County athlete took lessons over the summer to improve his game. He had found that his short game (chipping and putting) was lacking on the golf course.
Coming into the season, Hippert has noticed a difference in the sophomore’s approach to the game.
“Not only is he a great kid, the rest of the team looks up to him, and he’s only a sophomore,” the Coach said. “Brody can hit the ball a mile and has a great chip shot and will definitely be a team captain next fall.”
Dalzell would like to continue to improve his game, but his biggest goal is to return to the state tournament and shoot much better than he did as a freshman. The tournament also threw a curve in his game being that the golfers play 18 holes compared to the 9 they play during the season.
As for the team, Dalzell would like to see the Cougars qualify for as many tournaments as they can.
In addition to being a three-sport athlete, Dalzell is also a twin. His brother Bryce also plays the same three sports at Tri County.
“It’s great playing with my brother as there is a lot of chemistry between us whether it’s on the ice, the lacrosse field or the golf course,” he said. “On the ice is where we work the best, as I know where he is at all times. In lacrosse, we play different positions; Bryce is a defenseman.”
While he loves his teammates dearly and loves having fun with them on the course, he also loves having his twin brother alongside. When Tri County wins in any of Dalzell’s three sports, his sibling will be there to celebrate along with the rest of his Cougar teammates.