Transportation Solutions for Seniors

Bella Caggiano
Issue Date: 
July, 2019
Article Body: 

For the senior community, transportation can often be the biggest obstacle in participating in public events or even every tasks of grocery shopping. The Norwood Senior Center offers an abundance of activities and although the desire may be there to attend, the means is the drawback. Here in Norwood, there are luckily a few options available for seniors!
Did you know, the Norwood Senior Center has a bus for people 60 years old and older who are not able to drive? Those who currently take advantage of this great benefit are familiar with Ellen, the lovely woman who drives the senior bus. While the schedule may change each month, always with a smile, she takes her riders out of town on Tuesdays and food shopping on Thursdays. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, she delivers people to the Senior Center, doctor appointments, or helps with errands. Twenty-four hours’ notice is required in advance to be added to her list of passengers. For more information, visit the Norwood Senior Center website at, departments, council on aging, newsletter/calendar, or call 781-762-1201.
Norwood also has a program called Trans-fare and any Norwood resident 60 years old or older, or under 60 with a disability is eligible. Tickets can be purchased in book of 5, for $5. Each ticket is valid for $3 toward a cab ride. Five books may be purchased each month.
The state of Massachusetts also provides The Ride through the MBTA. State residents with disabilities qualify for this mode of transportation. To apply for The Ride, call 617-337-2727. The Ride coordinator will set up an appointment for an interview. The interview is held in Boston, they will provide round trip transportation.
For medical appointments within Norwood, the Norwood Senior Center bus and Trans-fare can be utilized. For medical needs outside of Norwood, there are some organizations that can help, such as the American Cancer Society “Road to Recovery” program, or RSVP with provide veterans with assistance. HESSCO also has a grant for people needed transportation assistance.
For more information on any of these programs, contact Norwood Senior Center Outreach Coordinator Trish Monahan at 781-762-1201, x3.
Library Home Delivery Service
For those avid readers who cannot get to the library due to special needs illness or disability, the Morrill Memorial Library provides free delivery through their Outreach Home Delivery Service. They can deliver specific books right to your door, or the librarians can select books based on interests or favored authors. There is also an extensive large print collection that includes best sellers as well as the classics. The library will also lend out magnifiers, books on CD, CD players, or Playaways, pre-laded audio books with earphones. For more information on this valuable service, call 781-769-0200, x228, or email [email protected].