Tammaro HHS #1 Golfer Two Seasons in a Row

Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Photos by Steve Bassignani
Issue Date: 
September, 2018
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At the age of eight years old Hopedale’s Ben Tammaro picked up and swung a golf club for the very first time and was immediately hooked with the sport. Now almost 10 years later he’s a co-captain for this high school team and one of the more consistent players for the Blue Raiders.
“My dad loves golf and he told me to try it out. I finally did and fell in love with the sport right away,” Tammaro said. “It’s a hard game that involves different skills along the way; driving for distance, chipping onto the green and putting.”
Tammaro has been Hopedale’s number one golfer over the past two seasons and Coach James McCallum would be surprised if the senior didn’t make it three years this upcoming season. Although Tammaro can drive the ball a great distance one wouldn’t think he’d be able by his size. The senior co-captain stands in at 5’ 3”.
“I’m not saying this in a stereotypical way but Ben is small in stature, but he can hit the ball a long way and right down the middle,” the Hopedale Coach said. “In seventh grade he was even smaller, but had great game. When he did get into matches he’d kick his opponent’s butt on the course.”
Despite being smaller than most of his teammates as well as his opponents Tammaro doesn’t let his size dictate his game on the course. Due to his size he tends to tee the ball higher to encourage a more upward hit, allowing the balls launch angle to increase. In doing this he tends to hit the ball further down the fairway.
Once his father got him onto the course with him Tammaro began to play Junior Club Championships at the Hopedale Country Club at the age of 12. Here he began honing his golf skills in all aspects hoping to one day make the high school team.
Once in Middle School Tammaro not only tried out for the team, but also made it. Despite not being a starter he did find himself teeing off 2 or 3 matches as an alternate. Being only a seventh grader playing for the varsity team his actual scores on the course where not able to count toward the overall team score.
When he finally arrived at the high school the then freshman found himself in the starting lineup for Hopedale, usually teeing off fourth. Now that he had a chance to show he belonged he found things a little more difficult, but he wasn’t going to let it hinder his game.
“It was much harder than what I was used to. Going up against much netter opponents,” Tammaro said. “But it was all good, I liked the challenge. I struggled at first, but it was fun.”
The Hopedale golfer shot an average of 43 throughout his freshman campaign and two years later as a junior he had his average down to a 38.7. Through those year he found that his iron shots were getting better and he was growing a little so he was driving the ball higher and further toward the greens.
Tammaro finds that his short game is his strength on the golf course.
“I’ve always strived to keep improving, but when I’m chipping from 30 yards or closer I am very confident,” Tammaro said.
As he gears up for the upcoming season, his final at Hopedale High School, he is looking to once again be the Blue Raider’s number one golfer, while being a team leader on and off the course in addition to helping the younger players. He would also like to decrease his 38.7 stroke average.
“Ben not only has a great attitude about the game, but you would never know if he was going good or bad,” McCallum said. “He’s a great example to the younger kids on the team helping them in any way he can.”
Taking to the course for the final year, the Dual Valley Conference All Star would love nothing more than capturing the Division 3 Central Championship once again (Hopedale took home the title in Tammaro’s freshman season).
“As a team I definitely want to win the districts again,” he said. “Winning the States would be great, but I know that is a long shot; a top 3 finish would be nice though.”
Following his high school playing days Tammaro plans on keeping golf close. He plans on playing for a Division 3 college, but he also know that will not be as easy as it was in high school. If for some reason he is unable to take to the links as a collegiate golfer he always can continue to play recreational. That is still something that he really doesn’t have to worry about for another year. Tight now he’s just focusing on bringing Hopedale another Sectional Championship before he has to leave.