Socially Distant but Not Alone

Issue Date: 
May, 2020
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These are unprecedented, and extraordinary times. As we hunkefr down, practice social distancing and self isolation, we remember that we’re in this together. We give thanks to the brave front line and emergency service workers for all they are doing. It’s a good time to check in on your family, friends and neighbors who might need help navigating these difficult times. Help support your local artists and businesses who need you now more than ever.
The Natick Center Cultural District (NCCD) is available to support the community, in every way they can. They miss seeing folks at events, but cherish the memories they have and hope to come together soon.
LOVE 01760! Connect While Apart Is a program that brings community members together despite the physical distancing.
Do you love Natick? Here’s a chance to put your love on paper and work together, while we are physically apart.
Everyone is invited to join Natick Center Cultural District, Spark Kindness, local artists, businesses and organizations – to create a piece for a community-wide art project – LOVE 01760!
These individual pieces will be brought together to form one giant installation (think Tunnel of Love) to be displayed at a public event at a date TBD. This project is for everyone and a symbol of our connectedness our resilience, and our unstoppable community spirit!m.
I N S T R U C T I O N S:
1. Print out the heart template on an 8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper or use the dimensions provided to create your heart.
2. Cut out the heart.
3. Cut the heart in half.
4. Decorate half of the heart.
5. Have fun with it! Choose any art, craft, or medium you like to decorate your paper heart half. As long as you use the heart template and create to the correct size, you’re all set!
6. Give the other heart half to someone in your house or a neighbor to decorate. OR, do it yourself!
7. Add your name to the back of your decorated heart halves.
8. Make as many half hearts as you like!
When finished deliver your heart to the The Studios at 3 Adams St.- the mail slot in the blue doors.