A Recap of Hopedale Destination Imagination’s Successful Season

Kate Poitras, Hopedale DI Town Coordinator
Issue Date: 
April, 2020
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It was another successful season for the Hopedale Destination Imagination (DI) program. This year, Hopedale DI had over 50 students and more than 20 volunteers, participating in the challenge-based, extracurricular activity. Over the last 6-months, Hopedale DI participants worked in teams to develop unique solutions to complex challenges. In addition to meeting technical scoring requirements, each team wrote and rehearsed a skit and made their own costumes, backdrops and props. The DI season culminated with a Regional Tournament in Shrewsbury on March 7th where each team presented their challenge solution in front of tournament officials, parents and friends. The Hopedale DI teams did an outstanding job at Regionals, with five of our Hopedale DI teams receiving an invitation to the Massachusetts Destination Imagination State Tournament.
The teams invited to the State Tournament were the 3rd/4th grade team managed by Sarah Mandeville and Colleen Stone, the 5th grade team managed by Erika Sherry, the 6th grade team managed by John and Christine Bache, the 7th/8th grade team managed by Kristi Brytowski and Sarah Sheldrake, and the 11th grade team managed by Sheri Hayes and Kate Poitras.
In addition to the unprecedented number of Hopedale teams advancing to the State Tournament, there were many other highlights to the Hopedale DI season. Hopedale DI’s youngest participants, a 2nd grade team named The 8 Flying Potatoes, presented their skit in front of a packed crowd of fans. Their skit was funny, it met all the requirements of the challenge and was a crowd-pleaser. The future is bright for this Hopedale DI team.
Another highlight was watching a group of 12th graders compete in the Improv Challenge. This team, managed by Jodi Murphy and appraised by Ryan Maloney, has been participating in Hopedale DI together for 8 years. The team consists of seniors Rowe Murphy, Molly Parker, Maddie Laprade, DJ Alberto and Evan Gaus. Their hysterical presentation focused around a villain, an unlikely hero and a cat who had been stuck in a tree. They completed their DI season by coming in 3rd place at the Regional Tournament.
Another point of pride for the Hopedale DI program was the work done by a group of 5th graders managed by Alysia Butler and Emily Thompson. This team chose the Service Learning challenge. In addition to meeting technical requirements and writing a skit, this team chose to do a community service project in support of Pawfect Life Rescue. The team members met with the founder of the organization to set goals and then worked with community partners to raise money and collect supplies for the organization. By all measures, the team did an incredible job and exceeded their project goals by impressive amounts.
Each Hopedale DI Team put in countless hours of brainstorming, experimenting, collaboration, building, writing and rehearsing in preparation for their Regional Tournament presentation. There’s no question that regardless of how a team placed at Regionals these students worked hard throughout the season. Team members should be proud of their efforts and accomplishments.
Hopedale DI welcomes new teams each year. New challenges are released in August and teams can start forming at any time. If you’re interested in starting a team email Hopedale DI Town Coordinator [email protected].