One for Peter

J.D. O’Gara
Issue Date: 
May, 2018
Article Body: 

A job bagging groceries.
Katelyn Chandler couldn’t help but overhear the job coach telling the young man she’d gotten to know through his volunteer time at the Hockomock YMCA, the photographer whose work Chandler’s art background told her was top-notch talent, that bagging groceries would be a lofty career goal.
Katelyn knew Peter Willis, who might have some special needs, is an extraordinary artist. Convinced she’s not the only one who sees Peter’s gift, especially since Peter is a well-known jovial personality around town, at nearly every Franklin event with his camera, Chandler decided to gather public support to help launch Peter’s photography business.
In a show of support, local businesses and individuals will gather in the evening of May 3rd , during Franklin’s ArtWeek, to celebrate Peter Willis and all that he does in the town of Franklin with a private art show: “Seeing the World through the Eyes of My Lens.” Beau Grassia, owner of King Street Café, will host the event. (Grassia is also commissioning Peter to do a photographic series for installation in his new café location, opening in Millis in June.) DJ Johnny Mac Productions is donating time as well.
Peter Willis’ work will be displayed at King Street Café for the event and will be up for display for a couple months following the event.
“Peter Willis does not let special needs define him, surpassing social expectations, demonstrating accelerated artistic achievement and business entrepreneurship skills,” writes Katelyn.
Chandler has also visited Franklin businesses, asking them to show their support with “One for Peter,” by displaying Peter’s logo and a QR code at their places of business, and ideally, purchasing one of his photographs.
Fine art prints created by Peter Willis are available to purchase at You can also find Peter Willis Photography on Facebook, or use your smartphone to scan the QR Code located with this article.
“’One for Peter’ is one share, one like, or even one purchase to support his work,” says Chandler,” to say we see Peter. We support Peter. And to have that collective involvement from the community, that engagement in a good way.”