Norwood Prepares for Coronavirus

Bella Caggiano
Issue Date: 
April, 2020
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The Town of Norwood is one small slice of the nation working to contain and eliminate the coronavirus (COVID-19), but that part of the pie is essential to its residents to stay healthy while attempting to proceed through life’s daily tasks and pleasures. So what has Norwood been doing?
The crisis hit very close to home when Norwood Town Manager was tested positive for the virus on March 9 after being exposed from a local fundraiser. The Norwood school superintendent was also exposed, but as of this writing, no positive test was released.
Town Hall Offices Closed Until Monday, April 6th
Norwood Town Hall will be closed until Monday, April 6th. This re-opening date is subject to change.
• Most Town Hall services available by appointment on a case-by-case basis; Call (781) 762-1240.
• Some staff will be available to assist in some functions of the departments;
• Public Works and Light Department buildings will be closed to the public, but staff will be available at both facilities to see residents on an appointment basis;
• Senior Center open for older adults to pickup to-go-meals from 11:30am-12:30pm.
• Senior Center will also be open by appointment only for specific services;
• Recreation Department and Morrill Library remained closed until April 6th, but the Library will have some services available by appointment
• Norwood Public Schools closed March 16th-20th. Free Grab & Go lunches provided to ages 18 years old and younger. These lunches will be available at the Balch and Callahan Elementary Schools
• Police and Fire continue operating as normal
On March 16, Norwood Police Chief William Brooks made a public announcement on Norwood’s police services.
Good morning Norwood. I just wanted to update folks on a few changes we've made - and not made - at the Norwood PD due to the COVID-19 situation. First of all, the NPD is open and functioning as usual. We are available for emergency calls and we're out and about doing most of the things we normally do. We have noticed that our call volume has dropped, which may have to do with fewer cars on the road, less interaction among people, etc.
Unfortunately we've had to roll back a few services to help keep people healthy. We need to keep our officers and employees well, and we don't want our folks to become sick and pass the virus on to others. We know you'll all understand. Here are a few of the adjustments we've had to make:
We usually install car seats on Saturdays, but we've had to cancel those until further notice. We apologize.
The third and last night of our RAD course was postponed. We'll circle back with those ladies at a future date.
We're taking some crime reports by phone. If you call to report that your identity was compromised, someone backed into your car in a parking lot, etc., the dispatcher will ask you for your cell number and an officer will call you back. This is just to minimize interaction. We are still responding to most calls for service by sending an officer to your location.
If you're applying for a License to Carry a firearm (LTC) and you don't need it right away, we'd appreciate it if you'd hold off, at least for now. If you really need it right now, we'll accommodate you. If you have an LTC that is expiring, you can apply for renewal by mail; please take advantage of that convenience. Call our Records Division if you have any questions about your LTC.
Internally we've made some adjustments to enhance social distancing. We've temporarily abolished roll call, where officers sit together and receive information from their sergeants. Now officers receive their car and sector assignments on their phones and report directly to their cars. They still get information from their sergeants, but now it's all digital. We've canceled all classroom trainings. And sometimes, citizens are nice enough to drop off food at the station, but we can no longer accept food donations. We'll take a rain check.
Bottom line - we're here, working hard and ready to serve you like we always are, but doing it in a safe and healthy way.
On March 16, Norwood Public Schools also made an announcement following a mandate from Massachusetts Governor Baker that all Norwood schools would be closed through at least April 7.
This is the information available to this newspaper as of this writing on March 17, but for complete up to date reports on local restrictions and closings, and state and national statistics on the coronavirus, visit Norwood’s town website at,,, and