Natick School to Hold Annual Open House, Nov. 4

Cynthia Whitty
Current and prospective families, friends and alumni are invited to the open house.
Teachers from the Wellesley Cooperative Nursery School will greet guests at their annual open house on Nov. 4. Left to right: School Director Jean Gooch, Christie Moses, Ann Mann, Jenny Jacoby and Lorraine Williamson. (Photo/supplied)
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November, 2018
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The Wellesley Cooperative Nursery School (WCNS), 5 Merrill Road, South Natick, will hold its annual ‘All-Family Open House’ on Sunday, Nov. 4, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. WCNS teachers and current students will be there to show off their work, play areas, projects and art work. Sweet and savory treats will be served.
The Open House is for current parents and their children and their extended families, such as aunts, uncles and grandparents, as well as for friends, neighbors, alumni and prospective families.
“The annual open house is a fun time for families, friends and interested families to visit and learn more about the preschool in Natick’s ‘big brown barn’,” Jean Gooch, school director, said. “We even get visits from former students of all ages.”
The 70-year-old preschool, WCNS is located in a historic barn in South Natick. The school fosters play-based learning where children develop intellectually, emotionally and socially, learning important life skills, like respect for others, while having fun. WCNS welcomes students, age 2.9 to 5, on a rolling basis throughout the year.
For more information, visit, or contact [email protected] or 508-653-0958.