Medway Public Schools Supporting Families in Need with Daily Meals During School Closures

The Medway Public Schools is providing Medway families with meals during the ongoing school closures relating to COVID-19. (Photo Courtesy Medway Public Schools)
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April, 2020
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Through a partnership with the Medway Village Church Food Pantry, the Medway Public Schools is ensuring that Medway families are supported with meals during the ongoing school closures relating to COVID-19.
In order to ensure that students’ nutritional needs continue to be satisfied during Medway Public Schools' closure, the District is offering families the opportunity to have continued access to school meals.
Medway families have been given the option to receive “grab and go” breakfast and lunch options on a daily basis. Pick up is at the Medway Middle School main entrance from 7 to 9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday (families will receive two days worth of food). Meals include an entree, side of fruit and/or vegetable, and milk.
Alternatively, families may pick up a week’s worth of food at the Medway Village Church Food Pantry on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m. or by scheduling an appointment time with the Food Pantry Director. Food offerings will include “family size” portions of meal ingredients and kid-friendly single-serve meals.
Medway families may participate in both of the food pick-up options in order to access daily prepared meals and larger sized ingredients each week.
Food pick-up options began Wednesday, March 18, and will run each weekday that the Medway Public Schools is not in session.
Contact Director of Wellness Ryan Sherman at [email protected] or (508) 321-4714 with questions.
How to Help:
Unfortunately, at this time the Medway Schools and Village Church Food Pantry cannot accept the help of volunteers, however, donations are welcome
For anyone who would like to assist the food pantry in offsetting the cost of providing additional food during this time, monetary donations may be made to the Medway Village Church Food Pantry, 170 Village St., Medway, MA 02053.
One hundred percent of donations will go toward purchasing food, paper goods, and toiletries for those in need.
For anyone who would like to donate items to the food pantry, below is a list of greatest needs:
• Cereal and instant oatmeal
• Small jars of mayonnaise (15 oz)
• Jars of pasta sauce
• Chef Boyardee
• Crackers, cookies, lunch box snacks
• Toilet paper
• Paper towels
• Tissues
• Liquid soap (hand soap, dish soap)
Donations may be dropped off on Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 a.m. (when the shelves are restocked each week).