Medway Public Schools to Offer Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy

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February, 2020
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The district has partnered with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to offer the Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy for students. The Seal of Biliteracy is a distinction that recognizes students who pursue and demonstrate literacy in English and one or more world languages.
The Seal of Biliteracy aims to encourage the study and mastery of languages, honor the linguistic proficiency of students, certify attainment of biliteracy skills and provide evidence of these skills to future employers and college admissions officers.
“We are committed to building a program that is student-centered and proficiency-based,” said Medway Public Schools Coordinator of World Languages Dr. Marieangie Ocasio-Varela. “We aim to encourage twenty-first-century skills, social justice and global citizenship skills throughout our World Languages program. The introduction of the Seal of Biliteracy will recognize all of the skills acquired through our language program.”
To acquire the Seal of Biliteracy, students must meet the following requirements:
Demonstrate a High Level of proficiency in English by satisfying the following:
Earn a score of 240 or higher on the 10th grade Legacy English Language Arts MCAS.
Earn a score of 220 or higher on the 10th grade Legacy English Language Arts MCAS and complete an Educational Proficiency Plan.
Demonstrate a High Level of proficiency in a world language through one of the following:
Attaining a minimum score equivalent to an American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency level of Intermediate-High on a state-approved assessment.
For languages that do not have readily available assessments, completing a portfolio demonstrating Intermediate-High proficiency in speaking, writing, reading and listening.
Upon completion of these requirements, the Seal of Biliteracy’s special state insignia will be affixed to the graduate’s diploma.
Medway Public Schools offers Spanish, French and Mandarin to students in fifth through eighth grade. Students have the opportunity to continue their Spanish, French and Mandarin studies with the additional option of Latin in high school.
Juniors and seniors who are interested in this opportunity should respond to the form that was sent out which will inform the district of their intent to participate in the seal program.
Any questions from students or parents can be directed to Dr. Marieangie Ocasio-Varela at [email protected].