Local Dogs Spread Message of Hope

Photo by Rich Powers.
Issue Date: 
May, 2020
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Local dog Spencer, who is known to Boston Marathon runners for cheering them on with his “Boston Strong” flags, making headlines a few years ago, has gone viral again, this year accompanied by his friend “Penny.” WHDH TV reported on the two, owned by Holliston business owner Rich Powers, in a story on April 20th (https://whdh.com/news/boston-marathon-dogs-pose-for-photo-to-give-runner...)
This year, at their favorite spot along the marathon route, Spencer held his “Boston Strong” signs, while Penny held a smaller one that read, “See You in September.”
“It made me feel a little normal because it doesn’t feel normal right now, so it was a normal feeling to do something I had planned on doing,” Powers said, in the WHDH interview.