Hopedale Students Stand United For School Safety and In Mourning

Benjamin Coulombe
Photo by Steve Bassignani
Issue Date: 
April, 2018
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On the morning of Wednesday, March 14th, students of Hopedale High School gathered outside in the biting cold, huddled together in complete silence. In the middle of the group stood several members of the student body, each holding a flower and placing it in a shared bouquet as the names of the 17 victims from the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.
Hopedale students were joined by millions of other high school students across the country, all walking out of classes at 10 A.M. in honor of the young students whose lives were cut short by senseless violence. For 17 minutes, students from various grades joined in a powerful silence with a palpable energy of sadness, remembrance and hope. With the bouquet, students had the opportunity to sign a school banner which will be sent to Stoneman Douglas High School as a symbol that the community of Hopedale stands with the survivors and families of the victims alike. The silence was rounded out by 17 rings of tower bells at the Hopedale Unitarian Church.
The event was concluded with a few words from Principal Atherton, encouraging students who felt dissatisfied with school safety to contact their government officials and pursue action. The rest of the school day carried this tangible energy throughout as students spent the rest of the day consoling one another, including staff. The importance of an event like this cannot be understated, as it allows students to express their own opinions and elevate their own voice in a world that may seem too big for some. The community of Hopedale High School and the town of Hopedale express our deepest condolences for the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting.