Hopedale Residents Invited to Take Part in the Town’s Parks and Recreational Areas Improvement Survey

Issue Date: 
February, 2019
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The Town of Hopedale has organized a Recreational Fields Ad-Hoc Committee to help recommend changes and improvements to the town’s parks and recreational areas. All town-owned parcels are being examined for improvement or redesign. A feasibility study will need to be commissioned, and resident input will also be used to help determine the best options for the town-owned parcels.
The goal of this Fields Committee is to raise, or appropriate through Town Meeting action, the sum of $25,000 for the study. This feasibility study represents an important step in preparing conceptual designs, proposed improvements and associated costs. After all pertinent information is gathered, a proposal will be put forth at the Hopedale Town Meeting in the spring of 2019.
This attached survey represents the opportunity to for all Hopedale residents to express a personal wish list for fields and open spaces. Please keep in mind, any fields under consideration are not just for youth or high school sports. The committee will look at options for all residents to enjoy.

Please fill out the survey included with this article, and mail or deliver your completed survey to:
Hopedale Town Hall
c/o Town Administrator
78 Hopedale St.