Holliston Memorial Day Options Being Explored

J.D. O’Gara
Issue Date: 
May, 2020
Article Body: 

At press time, the Holliston Memorial Day Committee was still working towards normal Memorial Day ceremonies, while being fully aware that they might not be able to go ahead with them, according to the Chairman of the 2020 Holliston Memorial Day Committee, Stephen Bradford.
“I believe that May 11th is kind of a cut off day for making a decision,” says Bradford. “If we are unable to go ahead as normal, we are going to have a service, hopefully in front of Town Hall with just those who would be part of the ceremony. It would be covered by HCAT.”
Bradford recommends that after May 11th, Holliston residents check the American Legion Post 47 Facebook Page, the town website, The Holliston Reporter and the Holliston Local Town Pages for updates.
Plans are also underway to dress graves and Veterans’ squares, likely with just a small group of veterans over a number of days.
“We will also have the flags flying on Washington Street along with our "Streets of Honor, Roads of Sorrow" tribute to those of our Brothers and Sisters KIA since Veterans Day,” says Bradford.