A Guide for Going Back to School

Kara Shea
Issue Date: 
September, 2018
Article Body: 

With Summer coming to a close and the school year fast approaching, a common struggle that many families face, is getting children back into a routine. In order to ease the transition from fun in the sun to studying in school, look no further but this article. Below, are a few tips and tricks for making going back to school a better experience for the whole family.
Writing down a set schedule for morning and night time activities could aide in the transition. According to The Child Mind Institute, “having an easy-to-reference schedule, maybe with pictures, can engage your child and provide a wonderful visual guide for what they need to do next.” Checking off the steps mentally could ultimately mean less of a hassle for parents. Instead of repeating different actions over-and-over, the child will already be equipped with the information needed to get ready.
Speaking of being equipped, back to school shopping is usually a must for families. Organizing school supplies is a fun and exciting part of the experience for kids too, because picking out different colors and patterns to express themselves can be extremely rewarding. So, take them along next time you decide to go. It could make them more eager to go back to school, which means less of a fight when that first day rolls around. If you’re looking for a good list of supplies, check your school’s website. Here you can usually find all the requirements for each grade. Norwood.k12.ma.us is the Norwood Public Schools website, and it is filled with a vast amount of information for each grade; and it can all be found at the click of a button. However, one can never go wrong with a backpack, pencils/pens, binders/folders, white lined paper/notebook, and a highlighter or two, as these are the bare necessities when it comes to heading back to school. If you don’t want to spend a lot on supplies, search in Dollar Stores, or even bundle sales at places like Target or Walmart.
One item middle and high schoolers will not have to purchase/update are computers. Beginning this year, Norwood Public schools is deploying the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative. Every student in grades six through twelve will receive a Chromebook computer to compliment their educational experience. More information will be given to students/parents at the beginning of the school year, including the loan agreement, which will be needed to receive a device. For more information, visit [email protected]
Ultimately, going back to school can be a fun experience for all. All one has to do is be a little organized. School is a place to play with friends, learn, build new relationships, and have endless experiences. It is where children learn who they want to be when they get older, and who they are now- and that is something to look forward to. Thus, instead of dreading going back to school, embrace all that it can offer to each and every family, and get prepared for a great year ahead.