Franklin Cultural Council Hosts Impromptu Online Kids Art Contest

Kaye Kelly, co-chair with Lillian Gould
Event Keeps Spirits Up during School Closings
The Franklin Cultural Council turned lemons into lemonade in March, hosting an impromptu online art contest for elementary- and middle-school aged kids in Franklin. Shown are the first day’s winners, picked out of 100 entries. “House in the Woods,” by Lila, Grade 3, received the elementary school prize, while “Lady in a Dress,” by Maddie, Grade 7, won for middle school.
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April, 2020
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It was a last-minute idea. Schools were closing, and Kaye Kelly, co-chair of the Franklin Cultural Council with Lillian Gould, thought home-bound students might enjoy a creative home project and online community sharing with an art contest, the week of March 16th. She picked up some art supplies to deliver to winners as prizes.
Would kids participate?
The first day, with a theme of creating “Art with Nature,” said Kelly, 100 children submitted their projects. “Today is ‘Art with Paint,’” she noted, on the second day of the contest. “It’s really vague on purpose.” Other themes planned included “Painting with Salt” and “Painting with Bubbles.”
Franklin Cultural Council did the judging, with one winner per day for Elementary School-aged children and one winner per Middle-School-aged entrants.
“It’s a really positive, happy thing,” said Kelly. “While everyone is adjusting, this has been a nice middle ground.”
To see the winners of the contest, visit Franklin Cultural Council on Facebook.