Forever in Seniors’ Hearts

Bella Caggiano
Daughters Jackie Saber and Carolyn Ferris, and their families convey their thanks to all that attended in honor of their father, grandfather, and great grandfather
Issue Date: 
July, 2018
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John Howard made an impact on the Norwood community…that is an understatement. When he passed away October 1, 2017, his street-lined funeral procession told it all. But the Norwood Senior Center patrons and staff wanted to find a venue to keep Howard’s spirit among them, and came up with this brilliant idea.
On Friday, June 15, the cafeteria where Howard and his friends gathered every Friday to solve the world’s (and Norwood’s) problems, was renamed in his memory…’Johnnie’s Café.’
His entire family, as well as an impressive representation of the Norwood Fire Department (Howard was formerly Norwood Deputy Fire Chief) and a huge turnout of Norwood seniors, packed into the ‘Café’ for the unveiling.
Howard’s tribute can only be interpreted one way: one man really can make a difference.