Lexi Mutascio, DECA VP of Marketing
Jeff Yatsuhashi, recipient of the 2018 DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award.
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March, 2018
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Senior Jeff Yatsuhashi Earns National DECA Honor
KP DECA senior member Jeff Yatsuhashi has been awarded the 2018 DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award. The award recognizes students studying marketing, finance, hospitality, and management as well as being an academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leader through participation in DECA. The award recipients must be DECA members in their senior year of high school with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher for each high school semester.
DECA prepares students interested in careers in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, hospitality, and management. With over 200,000 students involved in this influential organization, DECA creates individuals who are goal oriented, hardworking, involved in their community, and professionally responsible. With the skills learned during their involvement in this organization, students become ready to perform well in college and in their future careers.
KP DECA Mini Mall Store is Now Gold
The King Philip DECA Chapter is honored to announce that for the first time in its organizational history, the store is now gold certified. Three senior members, Nadia Lawrence, Sophia Naggar, and Catilin Foley will be representing the school in an international showcase of award-winning school stores. In order to be recognized as a gold certified enterprise, the following standards must be met: financial analysis, operations, marketing information management, market planning, product service management, market planning, product service management, pricing, distribution channel management, promotion, selling, and human resource management.