A Change in the Name means a Change in the Game

Kara Shea
Issue Date: 
June, 2018
Article Body: 

Public access is a type of noncommercial programming that is of general interest to the community. It is this type of television that Norwood has become accustomed to throughout the years, and it has been provided by Norwood Public Access Television (NPATV). Just recently however, NPATV gave way to Norwood Community Media (NCM), and the change has left residents with a few questions. Possibly the biggest being, why the change?
For years, NPATV has brought local coverage of the town into the homes of its inhabitants. From sporting events, to Norwood Day, the local Farmers market, and much, much more- NPATV has produced a lot of neighborhood programming. They were a source of information for everything Norwood, but according to Production Manager Mike Maloof, the NPATV staff believed they were providing more than just public access.
“A big reason for the name change was because we wanted to provide as much media and content to the community and become a true outlet for the people of Norwood,” Maloof explained.
Located inside Norwood High School, NPATV, now NCM, is a not-for-profit association that is staffed by many Norwood citizens. In fact, Maloof is an alumni of the graduating class of 2007, and now he works for Norwood Community Media by handling the day-to-day programming of the channels. The company is a true expression of everything that Norwood has to offer, and so, the name change was important to the growth of the organization.
“A lot of people were so used to NPATV, so a lot of them were thrown off because we didn’t give an explanation,” Maloof said. "Once the dust settled however, people began to truly enjoy the change when they understood the reasoning behind it. NPATV just didn’t fully describe all that the staff believed they were offering to the people of Norwood, and so they began discussing ways to rebrand.
It wasn’t an easy decision, and one that wasn’t taken lightly. Hours of work and preparation was included in the decision process that took about six months to complete. There had to be new graphics produced, and the name had to be discussed.
“Overall it wasn’t a super long process, but we took the time to make sure we got everything right,” Maloof said.
Now, NCM is continuing to push the barriers of media in Norwood, and partnering with other organizations to provide new and exciting content. They are working with the fire and police departments, students, and other walks of life in Norwood to develop and engage their audience and future staff members. They also have active social media content that provides up to the second information wherever they are shooting. In reference to these exciting aspects of the organization, the name change has only amplified NCM’s drive and commitment to be the outlet for media in the community.

With this name change, it is important to note the distinct difference in connotation between public and community. Where public suggests a general group of people without any awareness or connection with each other, community implies a sense of togetherness and intimacy; and Norwood Community Media is dedicated to the latter; from the people, to the places, and everything in between. No longer is the organization just a public source of information, but rather, it truly embodies the community of the town of Norwood and strives to provide content and media that brings people together.