BAA Invitational Entry Forms Available

Cynthia Whitty
Issue Date: 
October, 2018
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The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) has notified the town of Ashland that they will provide 22 Invitational Entry Forms for the 2019 Boston Marathon. Susan Robie, executive assistant to the town manager, is compiling a list of interested runners.
“As in the past the, the BAA would like to give preference to town employees and residents of the towns the Marathon runs through. In exchange for the invitational entry, each Ashland runner will need to raise $3,000. I would like to select the runners by the end of October,” Robie said. “The forms are mailed to us usually in November. Once they are received, I hope to have confirmed the runners and have signed agreements with each. The runners will then be responsible for registering with the BAA.”
The BAA supports clean-up efforts in the eight communities the Marathon runs through and provides invitational entry, or “bib” numbers, to each town. Those interested in participating are entered into a blind lottery for a bib number.
Lottery winners do not have to qualify for the Boston Marathon because they are running on an invitational entry. Each eligible runner raises a minimum of $3,000 to support the Board of Selectmen (BOS) community funding program.
Robie has been the coordinator of the BAA grant program in Ashland since its inception in 2012 and manages the distribution of grant awards in the spring and fall, following selection decisions made by the BOS.
Local Organizations Benefit From BAA Grants
The money raised funds a wide range of town activities. The grantees for the past year include the Ashland Day Committee for Ashland Day, the Halloween parade, the December tree lighting and summer concerts; the Ashland Garden Club for town beautification projects; Ashland Council on Aging for exercise and wellness programs; Ashland Youth Soccer for children unable to afford the sports fee; Friends of the Ashland Library for microphones and a speaker; Ashland Auxiliary Police for training and ammunition; the Board of Health for sharps containers and kiosks; and 26.2 Foundation for the Mindess Marathon.
The Boston Marathon will be held on Patriot’s Day, Monday, April 15, 2019. For more information and to obtain an Invitation Entry Form, contact Robie at 508-532-7921, [email protected].