AHS Senior Sophie Bronstein Helps Promote Local Businesses

Cynthia Whitty
ABA President Adam Sachs thanks graduating senior Sophie Bronstein at the ABA Membership Gala in June. (Photo/Cynthia Whitty)
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June, 2018
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Ashland Business Association’s president, Adam Sachs, was one of the founding members of the organization’s internship program. In its third year, the program is going strong.
“The internship program creates a working relationship between students at Ashland High School (AHS) and local businesses, provides businesses with knowledge of how to effectively use social media advertising and other services, and provides students with office and community experience,” Sachs said.
“This program has been great to introduce students to the business community, to show that the students can make an impact by giving a small amount of time,” Beth Reynolds, Ashland’s economic development director, said.
This year, AHS senior Sophie Bronstein interned with the ABA.
“Sophie has been valuable in helping with all aspects of the ABA,” Sachs said. “She reached out to members, letting them know that they could expand their profile on our website and suggested they connect with our Facebook page. She let our members know about upcoming events. She was instrumental in helping our March ‘Adness initiative, promoting members, and helping with photos and the centerpieces at our first-ever membership gala on June 5.”
Interview with
Sophie Bronstein

Cynthia: Can you tell me about yourself?
Sophie: I am 18 years old, and I have lived in Ashland all of my life! I have always been academically interested, but when it comes to subjects, my main interests hover around the math-science area. In terms of extracurricular activities, I have been involved in sports throughout my life, and I was on the girls’ varsity tennis team my sophomore year. I have been heavily involved in the Ashland High School Theatrical Society (AHSTS) throughout my high school career. I had positions such as lead set designer, costume and makeup designer/artist, sound design. AHSTS introduced me to the warmest school environment I have ever been in, and I’m thankful for everything I’ve learned during my time, participating in all but one production. One interest outside of school has been Girl Scouts, and last year I received my Gold award, the highest attainable award a Girl Scout can earn.

Cynthia: How did you hear about ABA internship?
Sophie: I heard about the ABA internship while looking through the list of available scholarships at school. I was looking for a business-oriented internship that would help expose me to real-world companies and jobs. I interviewed for the position toward the end of junior year, and then I started interning the summer before my senior year, and I have been doing it since.

Cynthia: What did you accomplish as an ABA intern?
Sophie: As an ABA intern, I accomplished and learned many things. I learned how to work in a business environment, where deadlines had to be met and things had to be finished. I learned aspects of professionalism that will help me in everyday life. I learned to deal with an array of situations and job positions. It greatly helped me improve my social skills. Being exposed to unfamiliar situations has prepared me for what is to come in my future life in business, and I am thankful for that.

Cynthia: What have you most enjoyed as an intern?
Sophie: The things I enjoyed most about being an intern was getting to know more about the community I live in. I didn’t know how much businesses and companies thrived in Ashland. I didn’t even know that the ABA existed! But, I am glad I found out about it because it has had a huge impact on my life. Being an intern and working hands-on with the businesses that I live with has opened my eyes to many things I was unaware of before. Also, I have enjoyed learning skills I will need going into this field.

Cynthia: What are your future plans?
Sophie: I am going to Temple University in the city of Philadelphia and I will be studying business, specifically finance at the Fox School of Business. I would like to work in investment banking. I am excited to be in a new city with new people and new places to go!